domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

Liv Moon - The End Of The Beginning (2012)

Here you have the latest record of the symphonic metal japanese band Liv Moon, its called "The End Of The Beginning", well... i must say the orchestration is freakin amazing!, but... im not that impressed with this one, and also... WHERE THE HELL IS HER SOPRANO TECNIQUE??!?!?!?!?!, i mean her voice can give a lot more than this, i mean, thats the reason i begin to listen to this band in the beginnig, and now she doesnt sing like that anymore, its kind of a let down to hear albums like this from people who was born to sing like the angels, :(, also its been less than a year and she got two albums on the market, emmm works of art take time... thats all i have to say for now, i hope she does better for her next album, i really do hope so :S, well here yo have the album, you can make your own opinion now :) ENJOY!!

01. Prologue 
02. Free Your Soul 
03. Fountain Of My Pleasure 
04. And Forever More 
05. Black Fairy 
06. The End Of The Beginning 
07. Valhalla 
08. Midsummer Eve 
09. Hell 
10. Kiri No Requiem 
11. Land Of Spirit 
12. Immortals 
13. Ougon No Namida 
14. Voyage 
15. Free Your Soul (Reprise)

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