viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

Tarja - Act I (2012)

Well, after a long long long time, i've come back to share with you some amazing music, as before :), and what better way to start over again that share to you the latest album of one of the best female singers in the metal world, i'm talkin about Tarja and her live album "ACT I", i have to say is pretty good, not as good as her previus live albums with Nightwish, because her voice is not the same anymore, i have to admit that, but she's still one of the best at what she does, and this morning im listening to old Nightwish songs, and i can't help but feel nostalgic about the music, but well, i think you have heard a little bit of this album by now, so there's nothing left for me to say than.... ENJOY MUSIC! and THANK YOU! to te people who will listen to the music i share :), thanks for even seen my blog, you are fuckin' great \m/

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